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MIKE TRAMP – Stray From The Flock

Release: 01.03.2019


Mike Tramp has spent a significant portion of the last twenty years studiously carving out a solid solo career for himself as a singer/songwriter. Having long turned his back on the temptation to dwell on former arena-filling glories and extremely comfortable with his chosen path, it matters not to the Dane these days, whether he’s playing a small café in some far flung town in France or a large outdoor Summer festival in his native Denmark. Mike Tramp is happy being Mike Tramp.

“Many years ago I realized that going back to basics, demanding nothing and being surprised if there was a tray of sandwiches in the dressing room was the way forward,” he smiles.

“I’ve played a role on stage in the past – my upbringing on Freddie Mercury and David Bowie allowing me to stand on stage and perform – but you can’t carry that rock star stuff off in tiny clubs. You have to be the same guy on stage who came in the front door, went through the crowd to get to that stage and leaves through the same route afterwards. Maybe,” he laughs, “selling a T-shirt on the way out”

“The audiences embraced that approach” he adds. “It was the real deal. Besides, I’m just a kid from Copenhagen who never really felt comfortable in the back of a limousine. I want to be the guy who goes out on stage and is simply the person I am, with the ability to pull the songs out of my pocket in the spirit of the moment and not just the songs I have to play.”

Since first embarking on his solo journey in 1997 with the excellent “Capricorn” album, Tramp completely re-invented himself as a singer/songwriter in his own right with 2002’s “Recovering The Wasted Years”. “More To Life Than This” and the double live album “Rock ’N’ Roll Alive” both followed a year later; with “Songs I Left Behind” appearing in 2004. However, in 2009 Mike reappeared seemingly fronting a new band with 2009’s “Rock ‘N Roll Cirkuz” project. Yet appearances can be deceptive…. “Once I had started recording that album it took a different turn to the more recent albums I’d been making at that time. That band I’d assembled took things to a different level. It was almost akin to having a Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers feel to it, a little more energetic but not that far away from my other albums. But I was reminded on the second album (2011’s “Stand Your Ground”) as to what it takes to keep a band together, especially when you’re no longer a 21 year old kid. So that’s why I took charge again on “Cobblestone Street” and in order to fully establish myself on my own again”

2013’s “Cobblestone Street” began a run of albums that has subsequently included “Museum” (2014), “Nomad” (2015) and “Maybe Tomorrow” (2017) that have been consistent in their look, feel and a sound that although centres on some of the finest, acoustic based yet hauntingly melodic songs you’ll ever hear also – refreshingly so – make the odd diversion into previously unexplored territory. In the case of “Museum” that just happened to be a fantastic slice of funk rock in the brilliantly rendered “Down South”.

“Cobblestone Street” is one of the most important albums I’ve ever done” states Mike. “That’s because it took me back to where I came from. As a kid I had no plans of becoming a rock star in a rock band, it just happened, as I had, in a way, almost a folk background. Each album I’ve recorded since “Cobblestone Street” hasn’t really run too far away from it, other than the production on the subsequent records may have just got bigger; perhaps because there’s a fuller sound”.

Mike’s new album, “Stray From The Flock”, essentially takes that “Cobblestone Street” template one step further. It’s also an album that pretty much wrote itself. “I picked up the guitar and the songs just started flying out of me. I thought ‘fuck! There’s an album that wants to come out of here!’”, Tramp laughs. Mike will, of course, be touring in support of “Stray From The Flock”, but as with his previous solo excursions there won’t be any explosions, moving drum risers or confetti bombs on stage. There will just be a guy standing in the middle being the real deal. That guy is Mike Tramp.

„Stray From The Flock“ is the new studio album from Mike Tramp. Released on the 1st of March on CD, LP, digital and cassette (!).

Recorded at Ark Studio in Denmark and mixed in Sweden by Peter Masson.

„Why do you write another song when you’ve already written 500? Where do you find passion when you’ve done it all, and what is the point to record and release and new album, in a time when nothing is like it once was. I tell you why! Because it is who I am and it is what I do. I am a singer, I am a songwriter and I am a rock’n’roller. I have said this before and say it again. I am a torchbearer of my musical heroes. The seed they planted in me keeps growing and I keep going on and on”.

“The songs on “Stray From The Flock” simply poured out of me. There was no way I could stop them, I simply had to record a new album for the songs to have a home. “Stray From The Flock” continues where “Maybe Tomorrow” ended. I have no plans of steering away from the sound and songs I have made on now 11 solo albums. I want the fans to know that when they reach for a Mike Tramp album on the shelves, no matter which one, they will always get who I am, and each and every album represent who I am, and “Stray From The Flock” is where I am at in 2019. When I recorded my first solo album 22 years ago, I made the point that I would always stand by my lyrics and my lyrics is my stand in life”.

“The musicians on the album are all my close friends who lent their talent to my music, and this time I asked many of the guitar players I have worked with through the many years, to each leave their stamp on my songs. It made it fresh and interesting.“, Mike Tramp, January 2019


Die Zeiten von und mit WHITE LION sind (leider) schon lange vorbei!Aber…das er ES immer noch kann,beweist er mit diesem Album!

Klar ist:Er ist musikalisch erwachsener geworden.Besonders seine Stimme gefällt mir.Da hörst du kein sinnloses gekreische oder sowas.

Bei den Nummern in der Gesamtheit hatte ich dann denn dann doch meine Probleme…Am Anfang…ich fand das beim Ersten hören sehr langweilig,aber nach dem dritten Durchlauf sprang der Funken dann doch über.Das macht RICHTIG Spass,zu lauschen.

Ich find das ganz schön,dass das alles etwas ruhiger ist.Wie bereits angesprochen:Er ist musikalisch noch erwachsener geworden!

8 von 10 Punkte

DeVicious – Reflections

Release: 01.03.2019


DeVicious ist eine internationale Hard & Melodic Rock Band aus Karlsruhe. Nach dem Erfolg ihres Debuts “Never Say Never”, veröffentlicht im August 2018, wollte die Band keine Pause machen und ging direkt wieder ins Studio um den Nachfolger „Reflections“ aufzunehmen. DeVicious wurde 2016 in Karlsruhe von den langjährigen Freunden Alex Frey (Bass), Radivoj Petrovic (Gitarre), Denis Kunz (Keyboards), Lars Nippa (Schlagzeug) aus der Wiege gehoben. Dazu holte man sich den serbischen Powerhouse Sänger Zoran Sandorov aka Mister Sanders.

Auf „Reflections“ bleibt sich DeVicious treu, so dass sich ihre Fans weiterhin über gefällige Melodien und treibende Grooves freuen können. Das neue Album ist aber nicht nur eine Kopie des Debutalbums. Nein, auf ihm gibt es mehr Riffs, mehr Groove und mehr auf die Zwölf als bisher. Und dies, ohne den Fokus auf eingängige Melodien und den DeVicious Trademarks zu vernachlässigen. Produzent Alex Frey hat bei den Aufnahmen für das neue Album Sänger Zoran auf ein neues Level gehoben und eine musikalische Umgebung geschaffen, die die ganze Power seiner Stimme zeigt. Sehr gut zu hören ist das z.B. auf der 2. Single „Never Let You Go“ auf der er zusammen mit niemanden anders als Åge Sten Nilsen (AMMUNITION, WIG WAM) brilliert.

DeVicious ist heute besser denn je und die Band freut sich darauf die neuen Songs und ihre Hits vom Debutalbum live präsentieren zu können. Eine Tour mit AMMUNITION, welche am 01.03.19 startet, ist bereits gebucht und sie sind jetzt schon für das „HEAT Festival“, „The Indoor Summer Festival“ sowie das „Rock & Loc Festival“ im neuen Jahr bestätigt.


Nettes Melodic Album,welches musikalisch sehr abwechslungsreich daher kommt.Leider…plätschert das so dahin.Zumindest empfinde ich das so.Klasse find ich den Sänger und die gute Gitarrenarbeit!

6,5 von 10 Punkte

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