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Dark Waters End – Submersion
7 October 2017


Philadelphia’s DARK WATERS END have announced the forthcoming release of new album Submersion. The album will see the light of day on October 7.

DARK WATERS END takes progressive death metal to a level that makes you think twice about nodding your head in standard timing. This eclectic group of musicians teeter on the boundary of what many in the Philadelphia area describe as technical metal, but without the need for a scientific calculator. Their music consists of an all-embracing range of metal, from a variety of influences to create a very dynamic and progressive sound.  

DARK WATERS END has a sound that can range from beautifully-haunting to terrifying in a matter of minutes. Influences from bands such as Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Faceless inspire the band to approach metal from all angles and can be aggressive, peaceful, and brutal all within a single song. Additionally, influences from bands such as The Contortionist and Between the Buried and Me have paved the way for the band to incorporate atypical melodies and provide a robust blend of progressive metal.
Track Listing
1. Immortal Consciousness
2. Empty Skies
3. Mass Grave
4. Congenital Vice
5. Unquenchable
6. The Great Dirge
7. Rat King
8. Hell Can’t Be Worse
9. Velocirapture
10. Bucket Of Flesh
11. Up The Dose
Album Credits
Recording & Mixing: John Boyce & Sylar Sound Studio
More Recording & Editing: AJ Viana, Jay Esbensen
Mastering: Mark Lewis of West West Side
Artwork: Georgi Georgiev of Moon ring Design
Management: Rob Wharton of Cognitive
Band Photos: Al Rende
Practice Home: Surreal Sound Studio in Philadelphia

John William – Vocals
Elijah Masiko – Guitar
Ian Wright – Guitar
Chris Williams – Bass
Fetter Self-Release!RESPEKT!Feinster Prog-Death-Metal!
7,5 von 10 Punkte
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